EduRec Youth & Family Fun Center has been in existence for ten (10) years and has become one of the staples of North Tulsa as it relates to community innovative resources and stem programming.  It was the vision of Melvin and Joyce Cooper, which has morphed into a place where community education, diversity, inclusion, resources and recreation meet.  In times of crisis, EduRec thinks outside the box for creative solutions to community issues.  Although we are a youth and family fun center, during the pandemic we became a source of food to help our community members eat and small businesses stay afloat.  In addition to being the hub for FEMA, the City of Tulsa and Oklahoma State/Tulsa Health Department to support community residents.  We are much more than a community center; we are hope for our community.

Our goal is to help instill three core tenants: Character Development, Work Ethic and Servant Leadership. The goal is to increase the resiliency of each youth thereby increasing the probability they will engage in more pro-social behaviors and reduce their chances of violent, delinquent or substance abusing behaviors. The acquisition of these positive skills by the youth will strengthen their self-esteem, support improved academic performance, and increase their ability to successfully maneuver through their adolescent years. The establishment and development of positive programs foster the missing element in lives of the youth served. EduRec strives to be an integral part in youth becoming viable, healthy adults.

We offer an after-school program in which youth are picked up from school, provided a snack, receive help with their homework and tutoring and they participate in supervised, fun activities until a parent/guardian picks them up each day. We also offer programs which build character and self-esteem, teach discipline, and promote team building. Additionally, we offer Spring Break and Summer Camps to provide youth the opportunity to retain academic levels. Our camps provide math, reading, science and life skill classes in the morning and fine arts, recreational activities, and sports in the afternoon.  We also partner with other organizations to provide programming that will uplift the residents of Tulsa, such as Black History Saturdays.

In addition to programs for kids, EduRec has programs that benefit the community as a holistic approach to helping the community and its inhabitants become stronger and better.